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A change in the social positioning



Agrupació de Fabricants de Ciment de Catalunya (Catalan Cement Manufacturers Association)


Sustainability Communication


2003 - 2016

Cement is the most widely used building material on the planet. It is used to build hospitals, schools, houses, bridges and many other infrastructures. Its properties and its low cost have allowed it to become a highly and irreplaceable product in our society. However, the image that citizens had about its factories was something else: big industrial monsters generating harmful emissions.

The sector decided to give this situation a strategic turn, by betting on building an ecologic image of social compromise. Op-team participated on this change managing the communication with the different Interest Groups. These groups included mass media, neighbours of the industrial plants, public administrations and ecologic organisations, among others.

The strategy used combined a policy of attention and permanent dialogue with these Interest Groups. It also included the activation of several informative actions such as the release of regular statements, the organisation of technical conferences, the management of the distribution of environmental advances to the main newspapers and television channels and the editing of literature. Among these works we can find the first Sustainability Report of the Catalan cement industry, which highlights all the environmental actions carried out in all the phases of the cement production process. It also points out the multi-million euro investments in prevention and pollution control in areas ranging from the reduction of particle emissions to the energetic valorisation of residues, which saves on fossil combustibles and contributes to fight Climate Change.

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