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Centro Español de Logística (Spanish Logistics Center)


Management of the Communication Department


2001 - 2008

Even though logistics is a very old professional speciality – the Roman Empire was an example which lasted 2000 years – nowadays it serves a critical business function. Transporting goods using the appropriate time, method and place generates competitive advantages and considerable cost savings.

The Centro Español de Logística is one of the market specialists in the knowledge of management of the supply chain and has been promoting the diffusion of the best techniques in the sector for the past 35 years. The association gathers the main loading companies and the biggest logistic operators in Spain. Historically, it was focused in the formation of professionals and managers, and now it is one of the most recognised European schools in this field.

Op-team started working for the Centro Español de Logística with the objective to project the importance of the function of logistics among public administrations and private enterprises as well as to generate business for the association. Firstly, we created the Communication Department which was managed externally. Some of the marketing actions included: management of the Press Cabinet, design of training catalogues, Public Relations, event promotion, research of economic funds, book edition, webpage design, and organisation of events, workshops and technical conferences. The objective of all these actions was to create public visibility and recognition for the Centro Español de Logística which allowed the association to triplicate its revenue in just a few years.

The activities carried out by the Communication Department positioned the Centro Español de Logística as one of the models in logistic knowledge in the market. It allowed the association to forge new alliances with important corporations which translated into a considerable increase of the number of courses they offered and placed the institution as a sector leader both in Europe and Latin America.

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