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A partner to manage the relationships with all the Interest Groups




Fundació Hospital de la Santa Creu de Vic (Holy Cross Hospital Foundation Vic)


Creation and management of the Communication Service


2012 - 2016

The history of the Hospital de la Santa Creu de Vic dates back to Medieval Times. For over 6 centuries, the institution has combined medical attention with a social vocation which has led it to specialise in aiding dependent and elderly people.

In order to project to the community their contribution to people who sought their assistance, the Foundation started a programme of relationships with different Interest Groups which could be used at the same time to expand their market position. As the activities that needed to take place were very varied, FHSC contacted Op-team to create and manage the Communication Service.

The partnership project was extended to FADO - Fundació d'Asisstència Domiciliària d'Osona (Domestic Care Foundation of the Osona region), an FHSC subsidiary. Op-team was the partner responsible for the corporative communication, and some of our duties included: designing corporate pamphlets, managing the Press Cabinet, editing the Activity Report, designing and launching an advertising campaign, maintaining the webpage and creating and putting into motion internal communication channels.

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