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Can forklifts attract 40 means of mass communication?




Linde Material Handling Ibérica


Press office


2004 - 2006

The German Carl von Linde founded the company in 1904, and since then, technology and international expansion have placed Linde as one of the most valuable brands in the handling market; some of their forklifts have been designed by Porsche. However, Linde is an industrial company which sells its products to other industries, and so it is difficult for them to achieve the media coverage that some manufacturers of consumer products may have.

Nevertheless, the national market experienced a big growth around the time that Linde celebrated its centenary. On that occasion, Linde hired Op-team to handle the necessary marketing actions in order to achieve wide media visibility focusing on technical press, their main promotion channel to its potential clients.

That year Op-team managed to attract 40 different means of communication to the press conference in which annual revenue was presented, achieving a repercussion and prescription effect which would have otherwise implied a high economic investment. The methodology consisted of: an active management of the project and included the design of press dossiers, the creation of digital information and images which could be used by the journalists, the confection of exhaustive contact data bases, the personalised invitation to each mean of communication and a permanent attention to their needs before, during and after the press conference. The brand achieved a new level of acclaim.

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