Success stories in management

Communication to achieve objectives and generate a sense of belonging




Nissan Motor Ibérica


Internal communication actions


2003 - 2010

With thousands of workers on their payroll, the Nissan factory located in Barcelona's Zona Franca is one of the biggest companies in the country. The Japanese character of the company is expressed by the application of production techniques mathematically adjusted to obtain the maximum efficiency, but also by a professional behaviour oriented towards achieving high results.

Keeping alive this spirit of efficiency requires introducing and maintaining communication systems which transmit information to all the employees and also, ensuring that employees understand, follow and value this information. The work of Op-team with NMISA consisted of managing some of these channels of internal communication so that they accomplished their corporative objectives. These communications were not only used to transmit informative messages to workers, but also generated a sense of proud belonging amongst staff members.

Some of the marketing actions included: the composition of several periodic publications addressed to the workforce, the concept and design of a stand at the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (Politechnic University of Catalonia) to recruit future professionals and the promotion of an open house day for employees and their families. The central idea of all these actions was to share NMISA´s coorporate values.

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