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Ajuntament de Barcelona


Edition of the corporative magazines for the Municipal Police and Fire-fighter forces of Barcelona


2002 - 2016

Due to the amount of professionals involved and the nature of the tasks they carry out, the Municipal Police force and the Fire-fighter force of Barcelona need a very accurate management of Internal Communications. In 2002 the City Council organised a public tendering for the editing of these forces' corporative publications.


Op-team won the tender with a proposal to add new utilities to the traditional informative format of the magazines. These utilities allowed reaching each group's objectives of training, motivation and cohesion. The magazines were accurately edited in journalistic style, printed with high quality techniques, and used personalised designs, photographs and computer graphics. The end product was a newspaper that, while respecting the corporative image of each group, became the most efficient channel of communication between the management bodies and the officers and fire-fighters.

The production process of the magazines takes into account aspects such as the proposition of topics and sections to be included and the journalistic and graphical coverage of information. The contents and design of the magazines have evolved through the years to adapt them to the new requirements of the client and the evolution of each group. The quality of the product has awarded Op-team the renewal of trust of the City Council in several public contests over the years for the production of the magazines.


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