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Solucions per a la relació amb l'entorn

  • aymar
    TV documentary about the environmental characteristics of the company
  • cel
    Management of the Press cabinet
    Promotion of technical conferences
    Promotion of training courses
    Management of projects with other organizations
  • cema
    Organisation, promotion and management of technical conferences
    Organisation of activity and study presentations
  • ciment-catala
    Management of the Press cabinet
    Organisation, promotion and management of technical conferences
    Edition of the Sustainability Report
    Edition of the Corporative Report
    Creation and update of the web contents
  • Ciments Molins
    Interest Groups Audit
    Communication plan for the new industrial plant
    Design, organisation and management of a communication forum for people and entities
  • linde
    Press cabinet management
  • Onebiz
    Elaboration of promotional materials for international expansion
  • uniland
    Presentation of Annual Accounts to financial journalists
    Informative campaign of environmental actions in an industrial plant 
    Edition of the Report on Health and Safety Regulations at work 
  • Centro Tecnológico del mármol
    Organisation of a public act to present a study
  • portland
    Management of the Press cabinet
  • tradebe
    Concept and design of the Sustainability Report
  • quarck
    Management of the Press cabinet

Solucions de projecció al mercat

  • avui
    Elaboration of the contents of a board game for the readers of this newspaper
  • balyo
    Organització de l'acte de presentació a grans clients
  • cevagraf
    Design of a campaign to access new client segments
  • criteri
    Elaboration of content for commercial catalogues
  • eurogerm
    Elaboration of promotional materials
  • fado
    Conceptualisation, design and edition of a campaign to gain new users
  • parcaeronutic
    Elaboration of promotional materials for a specialized exhibition 
    Elaboration of an electronic newsletter for the clients
  • sil
    Design, concept and promotion of a new business ideai
    Edition of a book to summarize the exhibition to the participants
    Design, launch and management of several promotion and information tools
    Concept, design and elaboration of an electronic newsletter
  • tallersmorato
    Assessment and design of a plan to retain customers
  • UB
    Elaboration of materials to promote postgraduate courses

Solucions en comunicació interna

  • 22
    Concept, design and elaboration of an informative channel for associates
  • chv
    Intranet management
    Elaboration of corporate publications
    Training of representatives
    Edition of the annual Activity Report
    Creation of a Signage Manual and design and production of signs for the centres
  • fhsc
    Elaboration of the corporate Newsletter
  • kilsen
    Concept and elaboration of manuals for the technical team and national and international distributors
  • nissan
    Conceptualisation, redaction and layout of corporative publications for employees and managers
  • telecos
    Associates loyalty programme
  • upc
    Concept, design and production of spaces for the professional development of students
    Design and elaboration of contents for a scientific computer program
  • vescem
    Intranet concept and creation

Productes informatius i promocionals

  • ajuntamentbcn
    Conceptualisation, redaction and layout of corporative publications for specialised professionals
    Book editing
  • collegitelecos
    Editing of the corporate magazine
  • mediambient
    Elaboration of informative brochures about better environmental practices in industry
  • GremiArids
    Elaboration and update of web contents
    Editing of the Informative Newsletter
    Editing of the Activity Report
  • klockner
    Concept and design of promotional material for dental surgeons
  • leag
    Concept and elaboration of the Corporative Agenda
    Concept and design of corporate commercial catalogues
    Edition of the quarterly newsletter
  • stender
    Concept and production of a catalogue of services for the internationalisation of companies
  • textuel
    Elaboration of contents for corporative publications
  • teyco
    Signage design and production
  • triodosbank
    Photographic report
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