• Lluís López

    Director of Communication of Zona Franca de Barcelona Consortium

    Good communication management makes a decisive contribution to the success of a company and generates to customers, suppliers or collaborators, and greater involvement and motivation of the workers themselves. It is critical to align speech and storytelling with business goals. Op-team is a strategic partner that provides us with rigorous, original and creative value propositions. Its proximity and the fact of having a multidisciplinary team allows us to go further and reach a wider field of action.

    The Zona Franca de Barcelona Consortium manages the Zona Franca industrial estate and its customs area, as well as promoting a multitude of projects linked to high value-added activities with a strong innovation component.

  • Sara Manjón

    Manager of the Vic Hospital Consortium and the Santa Creu de Vic Hospital Foundation

    Nowadays, Communication is a strategic and core element of any organization: it is a key element of positioning and an essential tool when it comes to presenting ideas, projects and results, as well as to generate information and opinion. Therefore, we understand the management of Communication as a profession -not as a task-, which needs professionals with knowledge and expertise to carry it out. This professionalism is precisely one of the main qualities that Op-team brings us. The fact that they serve different institutions and companies means that they have a great deal of experience and ability to provide solutions, and that they are up to date with trends and innovations. It is a level of knowledge and updating that would be very difficult to have internally. The collaboration with Op-team has allowed us to develop a first-class communication policy, comparable to that carried out by companies in other sectors such as mass consumption or technology, where communication has long been a prop.

    The Vic Hospital Consortium and the Vic Santa Creu Hospital Foundation are the health institutions that manage the general hospital, the socio-health hospitals, the health centers and the mental health and dependency care centers in the region of Osona (Barcelona). They have 2,000 professionals and treat about 100,000 patients each year.

  • Tomàs Blay

    Secretary General of ASINCA

    A professional communication management is important to value the efforts and to make profitable the actions done from the companies. The Op-team team aimed at achieving the goals of our partners, has given shape and meaning to communication actions, highlighting the role of our partnership.

    ASINCA is the Catalan management of Engineering and Architecture companies

  • Maria Siuraneta

    Manager of COAMB

    Managing communication professionally is key to our community, as much of our work is done through volunteering. Therefore, we do not have the knowledge, availability or regularity provided by a communication partner such as Op-team. However, despite being an outsourced service, the perception we have is that they are part of our staff: the treatment is one-on-one, absolutely personalized and fully adaptable to the needs of each moment.

    COAMB is the association of Environmentalists of Catalonia.